The different services we provide.


Course and Career Guidance

We will help you select the right course to push your career in the forward direction.

Visa Processing

We will provide comprehensive support through different services to process your visa file.

Application Formalities

We will guide you through the fulfillment of the application formalities.

Post-Landing Services

We will support you through the process of settling down as it isn't always that easy.

Passport Application

We can help you out in this case as well by keeping the process rather straightforward and accessible.

File Preparation

Visa file preparation is one of the most important steps and it's very important to fulfill its requirements.

Travel and Ticketing

Booking tickets and hotels can be a daunting task, thankfully Ausam is there to do the rightful.

I.E.L.T.S. Training

I.E.L.T.S. is one of the key requirements in getting a visa, Train yourself through Ausam.

Need to know more?

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